Good Graph?

Your job is fairly simple.  You must search the internet to find an article that has an accompanying graph.  Copy and paste the URL into the comment area below and then analyze the graph.  Is this a good graph or a bag graph?  Why?

You can conduct your search in a number of ways.  You could go to your favorite search engine and type in things like articles with graphs, science articles with graphs, history articles with graphs, or other such search terms.  You could also search for graph images and find one that has an actual article.  Finally, you could go to the website of a magazine or newspaper and find an article there that has a graph.  Please understand, this needs to be an article that has a graph.  It can’t just be a random graph on a webpage, and it can’t be an article about how to make a graph. These types of articles are prevalent, so be sure to read a little bit of the article to know what it’s about.

This assignment is worth 20 points.  Five points are for merely completing the assignment, five points are for choosing an article/graph that meets the criteria, and ten points will be for the quality of your analysis.  So, be careful, and examine all aspects of the graph.

Just for fun (and EXTRA CREDIT), check out these funny graphs!  They bring to light that people can use statistics to get their point across in many ways — even musical humor.  I will give you an EXTRA CREDIT POINT if you can name the song being represented by each graph (that’s 4 points, people!).