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Welcome to Probability & Statistics!

Download the myspace template for your project!  It’s due 3/26 (or 3/29)!  If needed, here are the project Guidelines.

I just found a great resource that contains examples and practice problems for the material we learn in class.  Click on the link, and choose “Sullivan: Statistics: Informed Decisions Using Data” from the drop-down menu.

Course Documents

Below are links to the documents given out the first day.

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You should purchase the following supplies for this class:

  • 1″ to 1½” Three-Ring Binder
  • Loose-leaf Paper
  • 1 Set of 5 Tabs
  • Pencils
  • Extra Credit Options (See Below)

Start your supply shopping online with WalMart.

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Want some extra credit?

1) Buy 4 AAA Batteries, a box of Tissues, or a package of Pencils at the store of your choice.  (Note: Batteries must be in original packaging.)

2) Give them to Ms. Stein with your name on them.

3) You will earn 4 points of extra credit for each set of batteries (up to 12), 2 points for a box of tissue (up to 2), and/or 3 points for a package of pencils (up to 6). These points will be added to the Test portion of your grade.

6 thoughts on “Main Math

  1. Finally checked out the website and am exploring the links. You’re doing an awesome job (no matter what ‘you know who’ says)!!

  2. The graph that i chose is a good graph. For one the y-axis on the graph starts at zero and not any other number. Also, none of the bars on the graph don’t go above the highest value on the y-axis. There is nothing drawing attention to one part of the graph. The class width is small, but it makes the results more detailed and accuate. (Note that the graph that I used was the one titled “verboten!”)

  3. This graph is good

    May is over, and what a May it was in San Diego. The Padres won 22 games this past month, four more than the next highest team. In second place, the Rangers, White Sox and Cardinals all accrued 18 wins.
    I’ve been playing with graphs again, so I thought it would be nice to graph the Padres’ strengths and weaknesses over the past two months, particularly compared to the competition. Really, if I wanted to just talk about the Padres, I’d present tables of numbers instead of graphs. But by looking at these graphs, you can follow your favorite team as well. In other words, this article can act as a template for you to investigate any team you’d like. Let me know if you find this useful.

    The Graphical Padres
    As you can see, the Padres have been on a roll in the NL West, moving from a spot barely above last place to a solid first place standing in one month:

  4. Its a good graph ms.stein. Its not misleading at all. The scale starts with zero. It has proper titles.

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